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A team in Manhattan made up and led by Chris Federspiel and Benedek Kokenyesi has recently released what appears to be the strongest payment and billing suite on the Salesforce Platform and features a powerful Stripe integration.

The following is not a complete review of the Payments360 suite, but a quick overview that hits on a couple of standout features that I saw.

There are more than a couple of payment processing applications on the Salesforce Appexchange, but none of them dance the dance as nicely as the Payments360 + Billing360.  Think of Billing360 as the strawberry jam to your peanut butter sandwich (Payments360)

This suite starts with Payments360 which is built with Lightning, .  It includes features that are easy to use for the small business and powerful enough to be leveraged by the enterprise. Features like the “Billing Engine” will be very attractive to those of us with unique business models and processes.    

For those of you that have set up a payment gateway to work inside of Salesforce, you will welcome Payment360’s integration with the cloud new comer “Stripe” , which is clearly the new standard for online payments. 

I have built custom one off solutions for our clients that have resulted in powerful scale-able results.  One off solutions are almost always highly focused feature focused and use case specific.  By using a high quality Appexchange application, emphasis on “HIGH QUALITY”, you will get a flexible app that allows it to grow as your needs change.  In other words, you won’t get caught in a corner with out a clickable re-configuration based solution. 

virtual-terminal-payment360-caseOne of my favorite features with the combo of Payments360 and Billing360, is available in the lightning UI side of this application and is the virtual terminal that is displayed here.  This allows your customer service reps to quickly process a one off payment as might be required in the flexible space of customer service calls. 

Placing this virtual terminal on any lightning page would be an easy configuration based change, and a powerful one at that.  

This marriage has it all: Revenue recognition, Payment Allocation, Inventory Layers,  Recurring Billing, Quotes, Customer Portal with custom branding, Flexible Data model.. this list could do on and on. 

All in all the below suite of applications tackle payment processing in Salesforce in the most eloquent way you can.  These by all points are standouts among the crowd and a fine example of attention to detail from the team at blackthorn.io .  If you want them for yourself, click below.