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Matter Management

For today’s law office

  • Built in legal documents
  • Easy invoicing
  • Matter centric
Law Practice Management

Cloudy in California — approved publisher of judicial council forms of California Courts — provides law firms and legal departments with a CRM platform that includes embedded legal forms for matter management.

If you are like most legal teams you use and pay for multiple tools to create documents, email, keep track of time, cloud document storage and more.  The Patriot Law Platform combines all of those efforts into one location and wraps all of it in a matter-centric experience.

With increased control and real-time dashboards, you will be able to make better decisions quicker and manage more from anywhere that your business happens.

Law office for the current decade, not 1980.

A 1980 Law Office

  • No reliable way to track matter status
  • Word processor or repetitively typing in the same information
  • Email and notes out of context with the matter
  • No reports or analytics
  • Zero collaboration

Your Non-unified Tools

  • Office 365 (Word, Outlook, etc)
  • Box, Dropbox, Google Drive
  • One Note, Evernote, Quip
  • Time Matters
  • Essential Forms, Pro Doc’s etc.

Our Platform

  • All activities are matter centric
  • Easy time tracking and invoicing
  • Mutli matter involved parties
  • Pleading generator / Document Generation
  • Built in Judicial Council Forms
  • Integrates all of your tools into 1 location

Really sharp, strategic, win-win deal-maker and also great and proactive team that I would enjoy the opportunity to work with again. Paul was head of business development at a company that we acquired, and he was a complete pro at helping keep things stable through the integration and integrating products, marketing and selling opportunities

~Russ Mann