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GE Digital purchases Servicemax.  For the last number of years I have been keenly aware of the quality work and  world class team at Servicemax, so for me this is no surprise.

As former VP of Business Development at Drawloop one of my priorities was to partner with the team at Servicemax and provide unique value to the field service industry with complex document automation, that goal was completed.

The Servicemax tservicemax-banneream including Jonathan Skelding, Blake Wolff, Rachel Wilson and last but not least Dara Sherafat (and many more) have always been a joy to work with and they have become my friends.    

 “This is equally about powerful technology and robust customer base as it is a world class team”.

Walking through the Servicemax offices in Pleasanton, California the power and intelligence radiateswindmill-servicemax from all of the employees.  It is a large tech office done right and they treat people great.   Its no wonder what they built has been acquired by the quiet elephant GE Digital. 

GE Digital ( Predix ) matters to you and you might not even know why, it impacts you everyday and you might not even know how.  Today your appliances, automobiles and HVAC units are connected to the internet.  Think of companies like Shell Oil, Pitney Bowes or your utility company connecting all assets to the industrial internet, constantly feeding live data into an analytics platform , with that type of data you are able to predict malfunctions, maintenance strategies and even dispatch field service engineers without the need or delay of human interaction. 

Servicemax was purchased by GE Digital because the Predix engine has created a funnel of field service business that is immense, impacts you and I daily and is only in its infancy.

Led by Bill Ruh GE Digital has made numerous acquisitions that have placed it in a league of its own.  Dave Yarnold is the CEO at Servicemax and they both will lead this effort to modernize the industrial internet. 

Congrats to everyone at Servicemax and GE Digital.