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Salesforce Grand slam – No Doubt About it

I think most people can agree that we Salesforce Fans are always excited for each new release that the wizards in San Francisco dream up. 

It is clear to me that Trailhead is one of the single most significant products deployed since the advent of the Appexchange.UI Customization Badge

Regardless of technical ability this LMS platform guides users with easy to understand foundational statements, examples, instructions and has the ability to validate that your configuration is correct prior to moving on to the next assignment.

I have personally paid $3995.00 for the Salesforce Advanced Administrator Course, Data securitymy experience is such that it didn’t cover anything at the time I didn’t already know.  In comparison Trailhead is much more robust, self paced and involves the Salesforce community.  I have learned and been reminded of more functionality by Trailhead than the in-person education I have had.

This Salesforce intiative will build an even stronger community, more adept admins and dev’s and allow Salesforce to push and quickly train all of us on new features and products.

The takeaway here is this: Trailhead should be part of your weekly to-do list and investment in “you” and your profession.

To learn more about Trailhead visit this site :  https://developer.salesforce.com/trailhead/en