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Opportunity Product Groups with No Code

Product Groups with Salesforce Flow Recently we encountered a customer who sold almost all of their products in groups or bundles. The use case was that each product could be sold individually or within a predefined group that included multiple...

What Dreamforce 2017 Was & Wasn’t

What Dreamforce 2017 Was & Wasn’t

Is Was .. Yet another world class event that only Salesforce.com could put on.  Think about it, what other corporate conference has the combination of robust attendance, brand enthusiasm, learning and a social message.... only this one. I think this was my...

 “Payments360 and Billing360 include features that are easy to use for the small business and powerful enough to be leveraged by the enterprise”.

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Strong Salesforce Billing and Payment App & both are FREE!

A team in Manhattan made up and led by Chris Federspiel and Benedek Kokenyesi has recently released what appears to be the strongest payment and billing suite on the Salesforce Platform and features a powerful Stripe integration. The following is not a complete review...