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In 2006, I was contemplating continuing on the path using Filemaker for my real estate business United Pacific Assets or ditching it and going to the “Cloud”.  Late 2006 or early 2007 I signed up as a customer with Salesforce.

There are a number of reasons I choose Salesforce , many of those reasons have been instrumental in my success as a business person and subsequently as VP of Business Development at a leading Salesforce Partner – Drawloop Technologies, Inc.

The truth is there was no way to really know how important my decisions were at the time to my long term growth, likewise Salesforce and Marc Benioff likely didn’t know the deep and positive ramifications of what the Salesforce Appexchange would have on its eco-system.  The team in SF is brilliant and forward looking, but this was a groundbreaking decision that came with great risk, no one had ever gone to market with a product like this before.  Not even Apple had an “App Store” at the time, the people manning the ship in San Francisco hit a grandslam!

Salesforce beat Apple to the "App Store".At 10 years old, the Salesforce Appexchange is in my estimation one of the single biggest and most impactful products that Salesforce has ever deployed.  Without it we wouldn’t have Dreamforce, Partners, Apps like Drawloop, Echosign, Docusign, Steelbrick and so on.  Frankly many of us wouldn’t have the jobs that we have, and love.

Thank you for the vision and happy birthday to the Salesforce Appexchange !