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My client Meras engineering has some really fun stuff going on in their field service org.  A combination of standard and custom objects.

Over time they have adopted more and more automation around scheduling their field service activities.

They have objects called Work Order|Sites | Site Components | Service Report.  As a part of their regular maintenance of equipment, technicians will physically visit the location of the Site Components and report on their performance by filling out aService Reportrecord.  I wanted to get Meras to the point of fully automating the scheduling of the next date/time that aService Reportwould be needed, I knew this was possible because the related records had all the pertinent data.

In other words, once aService Reportrecord was marked “completed” & saved. I wanted the associatedWork Order“,  closed and then for a two new records to be created 1 Service Report with pre-populated data, and 1 Work Order with pre-popluated data.

Meras uses the Work Order object to schedule workload and display routes.  Workload on Calender Anything by Silverline and Routing by MapAnything.

This was achieved with two process builder flows and 1 trigger.  The impact has been awesome.  C.O.O. Chris Binfield said “Automated Service Report Scheduling was the way to go, I am so happy we did that”Process Builder and a triggerProcess Builder and a triggerProcess Builder and a trigger