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A recent post on Salesforce.com/blog entitled “A Post About Millennials in the Workplace, By a Millennial in the Workplace“, got me thinking a bit more deeply about a multi-generational office.  In 2007 I started by first business, one of the most difficult responsibilities was hiring the right people.  After copious experience with hiring the wrong people and communicating poorly I realized how important it is to have a great culture in the office.


The day I started at Drawloop one of the very first observations was at the age of 39 (Gen X) I was much older than the average age of the office.  Additionally it was easy to see that the staff all shared similar work ethic, morals and expectations and then it hit me, I was in an office of Millennials.  I remember hearing from friends that work at Gallo Wine, that they have internal education for management that includes “Generational Motivation”.

I guess the Salesforce blog post surfaced the need for me to revisit our generational differences and embrace them.

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