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Prior to #DF14, I was always a customer attendee.  This time being VP of Business Development for Drawloop gave me an entirely different view on the Dreamforce experience.

It was non-stop talking to current and future customers of our powerful document generation application and it was meeting with lots of partners and building not only business relationships but making new friends.

The Salesforce eco-system is full of super intelligent high achievers, that like to have a good time.TeamEbsta and PT

It became apparent that this is a high value event for the Salesforce customers and partners that attend and that having a game plan is a must, which I had along with multiple pairs of shoes and a plan to decompress in Napa after the event.

Being that I work for a OEM Partner of Salesforce and it being an app on the appexchange with Sertifi and PTintegration partners it was not only important to work at the booth but more important to meet with our partners like the Ebsta team above and the ladies at Sertifi to the right.  

I have worked with them on the phone and on web conferences but meeting and talking in person is invaluable. Again, make a plan and schedule lots of meetings.

I am very much looking forward to Dreamforce 2015, if you haven’t gone.. you must go next year. Thanks Salesforce!