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Enhance Salesforce Files and Attachments

FileTree for Salesforce is a new and powerful addition to Salesforce Lightning. This application provides intelligent visibility into files and attachments across an account hierarchy. A Salesforce administrator can quickly install and configure with clicks and not code.

FileTree is placed on to any objects page layout, and it will natively “roll up” attachments and files from related record and their records. The application allows the admin, to set up complex “roll up” designs in the background that provide users with contextual file access and visibility.

By providing your users the ability to view and access attachments and files on a parent record, from related records, you provide a more fluid less restrictive experince for them to process work. 

Salesforce Administrators can configure data relationships to roll up files from child, grand child and their related lookup relationships.  

Why you should have Salesforce Managed Services

Small to medium business owners are driven by a wide range of variables. Some are interested in greater flexibility while others are pursuing a life-long passion. However, all companies are in business for one core reason — to turn a profit.

In order to truly impact revenues, companies need to focus on everything from sales management to lead tracking. This is why many businesses have invested in Salesforce — but has this tool become more of a headache than a powerful tool? That is why many companies are now investing in Salesforce Managed Services from providers like CloudyinCalifornia.com .





1. Access to highly experienced professionals

Although business owners can learn how to effectively utilize Salesforce over time, to experience true growth, insights are needed now. By partnering with an expert Salesforce Integrator, these businesses can focus on core operations. In turn, this will not only cut costs but also boost productivity.

3. Accountability

Providing companies with guaranteed quality of work, Salesforce Managed Services providers are confident in their ability to perform. In that sense, businesses can hold them accountable in terms of their level of service. For example, are they responding as they should? Are they rectifying common issues? A service-level agreement simply provides another level of performance reassurance.

2. Best practices

When working with a professional Salesforce Managed Services team, business owners will instantly gain greater peace-of-mind. This is because an expert team will provide the level of guidance needed while ensuring best practices for long-term success.

4. Long-term vision

Allowing companies to leverage the latest sales trends, Salesforce Managed Services support the long-term vision of a business. From social selling to email outreach, Salesforce Integrators adopt a wide range of techniques and strategies to maximize operational efficiency. In turn, this supports sustained growth as companies reach key milestones.

5. Affordability

Yes, dedicated Salesforce specialists are highly experienced and can analyze the vast needs of a business. However, their services cost a premium. In comparison, a Salesforce Managed Services provider allows companies to have a predictable monthly spend with dependable support and growth. This level of flexibility makes Salesforce support much more flexible and affordable. By outsourcing this service, businesses also save money on in-house training and staffing.

Looking to get more leads and make more insightful decisions? See how Cloudy in California can help you automate sales and track the overall effectiveness of your strategies while accelerating company productivity today!

Announcement: Cloudy Sponsors Tahoe Dreamin’ 2018

Three Reasons to goto Tahoe Dreamin’

Tahoe is beautiful. If you haven’t been, Lake Tahoe is one of the many gems we have in the United States. A high mountain environment that provides a diverse set of experiences. I have lived here, it is amazing.

Salesforce Community Leaders +
Snow +
Casinos + Skiing =
Nothing Bad Here

This is going to be the last year for Tahoe Dreamin’ in … Tahoe. It isn’t the last because it isn’t amazing, I was there last year and it was.. amazing. Its a wonderful environment to learn, engage and meet like minded Salesforce people from around the globe.

A New Salesforce User Group in Modesto,California

I am excited to announce that Salesforce.com approved our application to create and organize a sanctioned Salesforce User Group in Modesto,California.

Why Modesto you might ask? We are centrally located in the middle of California. Cities like Lodi, Stockton, Tracy, Modesto, Merced and the surrounding areas need to have a place to go to learn and grow on the Salesforce Platform. The goal is to become the nucleolus of our area to support individuals and organizations wanting to leverage it.

Having traveled this great country I have attended countless Salesforce User group meetings and events, my hope is that I bring a little bit of each of those events to every one of our meetings. I know it will be slow going out here, but I am up to the challenge.

What Dreamforce 2017 Was & Wasn’t

What Dreamforce 2017 Was & Wasn’t

Is Was ..

Yet another world class event that only Salesforce.com could put on.  Think about it, what other corporate conference has the combination of robust attendance, brand enthusiasm, learning and a social message…. only this one.

I think this was my 6th Dreamforce and I am always amazed at the positive energy that every single participant has, I mean everyone is positive and excited about the future.  The entrepreneurial spirit is on full display with businesses big and small releasing new features and products with the hopes they will fill gaps and add value.

A Dreamforce where more companies had multiple booths, and the normally large sponsors like DocuSign and Apptus were clearly not dominating the floor space like they once did.  What does that mean? Probably many things, but I will leave it to you to draw your own conclusion if you attended.

A great time to meet with our clients from around the country, reconnect with my friends and strategize with my off shore teams.

It Wasn’t

A waste of time, correct it wasn’t a waste of time.  Nor was it worth the normal full price ticket to get in, sorry Salesforce – it is just priced way to high, especially for a company that is clearly dominating with positive financials and stock prices.

With the evolution of Trailhead more and more training can be done at your desktop vs. sitting in sessions at Dreamforce and thus you have devalued one of the reasons to pay the big money for a full ticket.

An event you should goto without a plan.  In order to get the most out of the event and your $$, it is very important that you plan months in advance.  I started setting up meetings about 8 weeks prior and booking meals or coffee with people that I needed to get to know better.  Hope is not a strategy .. you better plan.


“Yo man, this is the best ice cream I have ever had, I have to get more” Chris Federspiel of Blackthorn.io

As always it was great to catch up with my buddy Chris, as you can see above he was all about the ice cream runs.  It was really cool to learn a bit about Smitten’s journey, I admire entrepreneurs that really take risks which result in success.


Trips to Smitten Ice Cream


Miles Walked

“The new version of Salesforce1 – minor visible changes, major “engine” changes”.

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