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Salesforce clarifies by segmentation – A smart move for all. 

Are you a Certified Salesforce Developer or a Certified Platform App Builder, or both? Say WHAT?!! #Confusingforsome

Many months ago Salesforce announced that some of the certification classifications were being restructured.  I have long hoped for that.  If you are like me, when you think of a developer you think of the ability to write “code”, so to offer a certification that allows someone to call themselves a “Dev” without demonstrating the ability to code.. was an unintended disservice to the Salesforce ecosystem at large. Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder_RGB

Enter the depreciation of the “Salesforce Developer Certification” and its replacement “Platform App Builder I & II”, clearly smart moves by Salesforce.  My opinion is that there should be a further step in this process.  Salesforce should require all with a “Dev Cert” to take a path that migrates them to the new  “Platform App Builder Certification” or “Certified Platform Developer I or II”.  

Trust me the only people that won’t think the above is fair, are those that don’t know a line of code, but enjoy the stamp of Developer Certification. 

Approximately two weeks ago, I took the exam for “Platform App Builder”, and passed.  Two takeaways from that exam: #1 It was easier than the Salesforce Administrator Certification, and #2 I think all admins should take it. 

Note: Certifications are great and so is Cake.

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