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This is Our Story

Under the leadership of Paul D. Tunison, Cloudy in California was founded with a mission to help clients get the most out of the Salesforce platform. The company comes with over 10 years of deep knowledge and trusted experience in the Salesforce community and employs only Salesforce certified professionals. Having experience in all verticals, across the world, Cloudy in California is a “Registered Consulting Partner” of Salesforce.

With its Legal Matter Management solutions, it has a unique position in the legal industry. Being only one of few approved publishers of Judicial Council forms of California Courts, Cloudy is a trusted partner of law firms and legal departments.

Cloudy’s strength comes from its core values such as honesty, integrity, dedication to building a better Salesforce ecosystem, and a results-oriented approach. We believe in simplifying complex business processes without losing value in order to keep our customers satisfied and enjoy what we do!

Cloudy In California

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The Tool

Salesforce, the #1 CRM platform in the world, helps you connect to your customers in a whole new way. It can be accessed entirely over the Internet without any need for physical infrastructure and offers innovative solutions in all aspects of Customer Relations Management.

The platform can be customized to fit your unique needs, help automate and streamline your sales process, improve your customer service practices, and enhance your marketing efforts.

Salesforce is the fastest-growing Top 10 software company in the world and has been ranked as one of the world’s most innovative companies by Forbes five years in a row.

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The Team

The Cloudy in California team is led by Paul D. Tunison who worked as a VP of Business Development at one of the most successful companies listed on the Salesforce Appexchange called Drawloop. Prior to Drawloop, Tunison was co-founder of two different companies, both utilizing Salesforce and Drawloop to automate complex business processes. The first focused on researching and collecting unclaimed funds. With over 10,000 clients, they relied heavily on Salesforce, Drawloop and process automation to manage their database and automate their document process. The second company also leveraged Salesforce and Drawloop to automate the civil litigation document process, which included paperless file management, dynamic case assignment, and eSignature services. Tunison has also served as an independent consultant to multiple enterprises, helping them streamline their CRM and document processes.

At Drawloop Tunison created, implemented, and managed the Drawloop Partner Program across the globe. He also successfully deployed Drawloop’s DDP Certification program, whereby users were able to complete practical tests to become credentialed.

Tunison is driven by his passion for Salesforce and business automation and believes a man’s word is an oath that cannot be broken.

Our Values

Building a Better Salesforce Ecosystem

Because we’re passionate about Salesforce and business automation

Honesty and Integrity

We like to keep our promises and over-deliver

Results Oriented

If you don’t win, we don’t win


Keeping it Simple

Simplify and automate complex business processes


Transparent, open communication with customers

Enjoying It

If we don’t enjoy it, we shouldn’t be doing it