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Over 2 years ago I committed to moving 450miles away from the comfort of my home, for the experience of something new and exciting. 

Jim Roberson , Todd Mezrah and Vincent Cabral interviewed me multiple times and in turn I interrogated them to the point of exhaustion.  

I vividly remember Jim saying “Paul you need to trust me, we are doing great things here, it will be a great ride”.

So with that in January 2014 I committed to Drawloop Technologies, Inc and became their Vice President of Business Development. I moved to the quiet and beautiful enclave of Irvine,Ca where the weather is amazing and getting to a major airport takes about 15 minutes from my front door. Little did I know airports and hotels would become not only familiar but areas of comfort for me.

As I reminisce over the last two years with the team at Drawloop, I can honestly say that many of them are not just friends, they are family and have become people that I have immense respect, admiration and have learned so much from.  

Jim and Todd fostered an environment of respect, competitive collaboration, transparency and honor.  Those values allowed Drawloop to become one of the most successful stories on the Salesforce Appexchange.  During my travels I met and forged friendships with some of our partners and customers like the teams at : GSD, Redkite Liquidhub, Silverline, Bluewolf, Salesforce Appexchange Team, Coastal Cloud, Servicemax, ForeFront, Sunnova Energy and many more.  

As many of you know Drawloop was acquired in July 2015, which was always the goal.  It was about 60 Days ago I decided that it was time for me to create a new beginning, and tendered my resignation.  My final day at Nintex will be April 1, 2016.  

I have been immensely blessed to have been a part of the Drawloop team and my friends here will always be a part that I hold dearly. I plan on relaxing, doing a lot of spring skiing, working on my yard and enjoying my new home near the Sierra Foothills.  

Looking forward to new exciting ventures.